Freqently Asked Questions

• Why doesn’t the Rage Maker add a “” watermark/bar on the bottom like so many other websites?
• Why do you have the Rage Maker link to the imgur page instead of the actual image when submitting to reddit?
• Can I use [certain face] on my [blog/website/other]?
• Where do rage comics come from? Where did they originate?
• Will you add this new face I made?
• Why didn’t you add my new face?
• Why don’t certain features (especially the HTML features) seem to work in Internet Explorer?

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• Can I add my own categories/faces to the Rage Maker?
• Why aren’t the faces showing up in the Rage Maker?


Why doesn’t the Rage Maker add a “” watermark/bar on the bottom like so many other websites?

Many reasons! First of all, I find them to be very distracting as they generally “ruin” a comic. The comics I make myself are usually crappy at best, so I rely on all of you to make comics so I can get my daily comic fix. To that end, if I’m going to be reading them, it only makes sense that the end result is something that I can tolerate reading, right?

I also do not feel like it is my place to ever add anything to your comic that you didn’t necessarily want. Finally, I consider them to be a cheap gimmick to draw traffic. A good rule of thumb is “the uglier/more annoying the watermark, the worse the website.”

I think that it’s unfortunate that we, as internet users, have become complacent with websites automatically adding their watermarks to OUR creations. Simply because they provided a resource? Show those greedy website developers that you’re done with their cheap gimmicks by removing ALL watermarks, always.

Why do you have the Rage Maker link to the imgur page instead of the actual image when submitting to reddit?

Alan, the creator of, sets a wonderful example of how a website is supposed to be run. When you upload to imgur, he provides a link that goes directly to the image. However, the reason a website like that exists is because of the revenue he makes from his ads. While he could make it much more difficult to find the link directly to the image, he doesn’t. He gives you the choice.

One day I got an email from Alan politely asking me to discontinue linking directly to the image. He didn’t tell me that I had to, but instead asked like a gentleman. I like everything about imgur, so the decision on my part was easy. Without divulging imgur secrets, know that there was a “bonus” of sorts for my compliance that allows the Rage Maker to function as it does.

Please, support imgur by linking to the imgur page, and not directly to the image.

Can I use [certain face] on my [blog/website/other]?

There is not one image/face on this website that I consider to be “mine”. I never have and never will claim ownership of any of the faces. If you don’t know where a lot of the faces came from, or even where rage comics originated, there’s a really good chance you don’t need to be using any of these faces outside of a comic anyway.

Where do rage comics come from? Where did they originate?

There is only 1 answer to this question, and it’s not debatable. They absolutely did NOT come from tumblr. They absolutely did NOT come from 9gag. The absolutely did NOT come from funnyjunk, or facebook, or even reddit. They came from a website where their first two unofficial rules are that I don’t tell you what website they came from. End of story.

Will you add this new face I made?

Possibly! One of the biggest things I consider when adding a new face is “does this face portray a new or different emotion?” When I get a submission, I usually ask for an example of the new face being used in a comic so that I can understand its context. I will also usually ask which category you would put the new face into if you had the choice, so you might as well include that in your submission as well.

Why didn’t you add my new face?

Abraham Lincoln had a quote where the word “fool” is often replaced with the word “please”, probably because either word seems to work so well: “You can [please] all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot [please] all the people all the time.” I wish I could please all of the people all the time, I really do, but you have to understand why I can’t add every single face that gets submitted. It would be a waste of bandwidth for thousands of people and a waste of server resources to add so many faces that so many people would never use.

I feel like a lot of us fell in love with rage comics because of the “poorly drawn” nature of the faces, and how they portray so much of their specific emotion while staying simple and anonymous. It’s easier to relate to the faces since they’re not too specific. For some reason, though, this doesn’t seem to carry over to new face submissions very well. More than 75% of the new faces I receive are the “tracing” type faces (Yao Ming, NPH, Obama, Nick Cage, etc). I understand the desire to have a new face that gets used by everybody, but I feel like simply “tracing” a celebrity’s face (in some cases, an actor being paid to portray an emotion) is, well, it’s half-assed. I think every single one of the “traced” faces I have could and should be replaced with a crappy, poorly-drawn stick-figure version. That’s my opinion.

I will usually end up adding a new “traced” face once it establishes itself. I prefer submissions to be of the poorly-drawn nature. Faces that are “poorly-drawn” instead of “traced”, that portray a new or different emotion, are often very well received by both myself and the rage communities.

Hopefully my addition of the “Custom” category, and the ability to store any image directly to the Rage Maker, will make it a little easier to share new faces and help alleviate some of the anger towards me for not adding your new face.

Why don’t certain features (especially the HTML features) seem to work in Internet Explorer?

I’ve been coding HTML and javascript as a hobby for quite some time. A couple of years ago I was working on some random project when I thought I was finished. I had forgetting to do regular testing in Internet Explorer along the way, so when I finally opened IE to test the site, almost nothing worked as expected. At that point I decided that I would no longer double all of my work just to get a website to work with IE. Internet Explorer is a dying browser, and if it’s not, it deserves to be. Microsoft chooses to make IE work the way it does, so I choose to not support their inability to accept world-wide standards.

With that said, the Rage Maker itself is Flash and not HTML, so you shouldn’t have any problems using the Rage Maker. You may or may not notice other parts of the website don’t work correctly. I don’t really know, though, because I consider even opening IE to be a security risk, so I only do it when I absolutely need to.

Downloadable Version:

Can I add my own categories/faces to the Rage Maker?

Yes, and it’s really not too hard. Find where you have the Rage Maker installed and open the folder called “images”. Inside the “images” folder, you’ll see the faces broken up into different folders depending on their category. You’ll also see a file called “images.xml”. Open this file with notepad or some other text editor. You’ll see that the images.xml file is simply broken down by folder name and then image name.

Create a folder in the “images” folder and name it whatever you want the category name to be (“Neutral”, “Angry”, etc). Then, copy whatever images you’d like to add to the new folder you created. Now go back to the “images.xml” file. Use another category as an example if you need to. Input the tags for the images you copied to the new folder (<category></category> and <image />). Remember that if you add the <category> tag to make a new category, you MUST have a closing </category> tag as well. Also remember that when typing the name, you MUST use the same punctuation as it appears in the folder.

Here is an example of what the folders and “images.xml” would like like with a new category called “Kittens”:

Why aren’t the faces showing up in the Rage Maker?

I tried to make it as simple as possible to install Image Packs with the Windows installer. However, I don’t have regular access to a Mac, so making an installer for Macs becomes difficult. In cases where the Windows installer doesn’t work correctly, or a Mac or Linux device is being used, you can manually place the Image Pack into the appropriate folder.

The Rage Maker looks for a folder called “images” in whatever folder the executable file is in (RageMaker.exe,, etc). Then, in that “images” folder, it looks for a file called “images.xml”. The “images.xml” file tells the Rage Maker which images to load in each category. If the Rage Maker can’t find the “images” folder or the “images.xml” file then the images will fail to load.

Simply download the Image Pack and extract it to where you have the RageMaker program, so that you have the RageMaker.exe/.app file and a folder called “images” in the same place. It should look something like this: