Rage Maker Downloads:
The program will work without an Image Pack. The Image Pack has the faces.
(note: You can NOT email yourself the imgur info using the desktop version)

Problems? Check out the FAQ page.

v3.wizard Changes:

- Added the ability to import faces from ragemaker.net/images or ragemaker.net/custom directly. Click the + button or the big "Add this face to your Rage Maker" button on the website and the face will load directly into your current project. It will only call for the image from my server if it doesn't find it installed on your computer, meaning that even though you might be looking at the images on ragemaker.net/images, they will load from your computer first. If you don't have the image, THEN it will download it from the server. Try it!

- Added the ability to store "Custom" faces using Flash "cookies". Please note that the "Custom" category will be different between the online version and the desktop version. You can add images from ragemaker.net/custom directly to the Desktop version's "Custom" category ONLY if you have the desktop version open and running, otherwise images will be added to the online "Custom" version.

- Added sliders to things. Other little updates here and there to keep things running smoothly.

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Rage Maker Program
Rage Maker Image Pack
Rage Maker Image Pack v12.06.06
(.zip file, .png/.jpg Files, 23.4M unzipped) (June 6, 2012)

Extract the "images" folder in the .zip file to the same place you put the Rage Maker.

Linux, Other
I don't know how to make these as self-installing packages. Apparently the Windows version will install with Wine, although all you really need is the Flash Stand-Alone player and the Rage Maker's .swf file.
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Rage Maker antivirus scan report at softoxi.com
Anti-virus Scan Report
Rage Maker video tutorial at softoxi.com
Softoxi.com Video Tutorial

Why get the Desktop version?
- Maximize the window to full screen.
- NONE OF THE BROWSER RELATED ISSUES! (accidentally clicking bookmarks, ads, pressing backspace wrong, etc)
- Run it like any other program!
- You don't need to update the program to update the Image Pack.
- It generally runs faster than running it in a browser.
- Updates will be simple and smooth. Alllright.
- If the internet goes down, you'll be able to make a comic about it.

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