Regarding Flash "cookies":

Flash "cookies" are not like regular website cookies. If you were to erase your cookies by clearing your browser's history, it would NOT erase the cookies that Flash saves. This is why I'm hesitant to make this a default setting. The "cookies" that the Rage Maker saves are simply the images that you load. The "cookie" gets loaded if you switch categories and it's available, meaning you don't have to get it from the server again.

When you have the "Store Images" checkbox checked, the Rage Maker will attempt to store the faces on your computer. By default, Flash only allows a website to store up to 100kb to your computer. All of the faces are about 20MB total, which is relatively low compared the overall storage available on a modern computer.

After you check the box, any face that you load will be stored. Flash will probably pop up a box like this:

1 MB isn't enough, so you'll be better off changing this manually (you'll get Flash alerts as it requires more space). To change Flash's storage limit, and to see how much it's using, right-click the Rage Maker and select "Settings". Select the "Local Storage" tab on the bottom. Slide the slider all the way to the right. It will look something like this:

Clicking the button (below the faces) will force the Rage Maker to reload the faces of the current category from the server, even when the box is checked.

To Delete:
For now, the best way to completely delete the "cookies" that the Rage Maker creates is to un-check the checkbox, then right-click the Rage Maker and select "Settings". In the "Local Storage" tab, slide the slider all the way to the left. Once you release the slider the pop-up will change giving you a warning about how it's going to erase everything from Click "OK" and you'll notice that "Currently used" reads 0KB. After that, close the web page.
Note: This will also delete the cookie that stores your previous uploads. This deletes everything the Rage Maker has stored, which are those things (the faces and the Previous Uploads links).


Future releases will allow for better Flash "cookie" management.

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