How to use animations (animated .gif's):

☑ Phase 1 - incorporate animations
☐ Phase 2 - animation editor

- A .gif file is a series of images-as-frames. Even though only a small portion of your comic might be animated, every frame is the size of the entire comic. That means if you have a lot of panels in your comic and your comic is long, it will take MUCH longer to create the .gif file, and the file itself will be quite large.
- I was able to create an animated comic using the maximum 68 panels (for testing reasons). It took about 45 seconds per frame to encode, and while it looked like Flash was crashing, it wasn't. I don't guarantee that your many-paneled animated comics won't crash on you when encoding, but it's designed to not crash (obviously, durrrr).
- Have I been clear about keeping the number of panels you use in your comic to a minimum when using animations? Find out for yourself if you don't believe me, but you'll see that animations become really choppy when you have too many panels. I'd say 12 panels should be the max for comics with animations, but that's merely a suggestion.


- Right now the only way to load an animated .gif file is to open it using the "Open image from your computer" button (shown above).
- Not all .gif files will load as expected.
- You can only have 1 Animation per comic.

- Right now the only way to save an animted .gif file is to save it directly to your computer. You'll have to manually upload it to the image host of your choice ( I'll address automatic uploading in a future release.
- It is definitely possible to cancel the encoding process, you just have to click Cancel at the right time. Make sure that it registers the click, even if that means you have to click it a few times.

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